Why should you adopt sustainable strategies for your company?



Why should you adopt sustainable strategies for your company?

Today, sustainable strategies are a key factor in improving a company’s overall performance as well as in increasing employee participation and customer satisfaction. To establish a genuine ethos, these strategies need to reflect the company’s values through day-to-day operations. Committing to a policy of social responsibility drives change and creates added value.


Here are the main reasons to adopt sustainable strategies:

  • To respond to societal issues

Some companies may need to implement social and environmental action to respond to issues in their business sector or local area. As companies are a part of society, they need to contribute to society.

  • To have a more sustainable vision for your actions and give them purpose

You need to know how to plan for the long term, but more importantly, you need to commit to social actions which will have a positive impact. You have to be genuine and transparent with your employees and customers to ensure that they do not lose trust in you. Today, companies are expected not just to sell their products but also to create shared added value and to have a positive impact on the world.


  • To adapt to our world’s future

The world is changing rapidly and facing ever-increasing climate-related challenges. We need to change how we behave and work by making people and the environment a priority.


  • To anticipate and meet customer expectations

Today, customers prefer ethical companies which make sincere commitments. This trend for sustainable consumption is a rapidly growing market. Your business model needs to be rooted in a CSR (corporate social responsibility) policy.


  • To make ambassador-employees proud to represent your brand

Companies have services dedicated to CSR and sustainable development. This ethos needs to be shared by the entire company. Through these commitments, you will be motivating your employees and making them feel more involved in the company’s success. Employees want to give their work purpose and contribute to society. You need to encourage your employees to work toward these same objectives. This will strengthen the social bond.


  • To save money via environmentally friendly practices

Encourage your employees to do the right thing, including at work, by for example reducing waste, turning off computers, using scrap paper, optimising their email storage and so on. This helps reduce unnecessary costs.



The OWA brand: a CSR Strategy

OWA is a unique solution on today’s market. It offers remanufactured printer cartridges and sustainable development services which guarantee 100% environmentally friendly treatment for end-of-life products. OWA recovers primary and secondary materials throughout the entire production process.

Our production process and products are certified by ecolabels (such as NF Environnement and Nordic Ecolabel) and cartridge standards (DIN 33870, etc.), as well as international test standards (ISO 19752, ISO 19798 and more).

The OWA brand was created in line with Armor’s CSR policy, which is based on the Sustainable Development Goals set out by the UN.


The development of the OWA brand shows that there are affordable solutions which combine industrial productivity with sustainable development. Today, we are confident that there will always be solutions for fully integrating CSR and sustainable development into a company’s strategies, regardless of its business sector.


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