QUALICERT Certification renewed for the OWA range of eco-friendly cartridges

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At the end of December 2018, during the renewal audit, Armor Office Printing’s OWA range of laser cartridges was once again certified for another three years in accordance with the Qualicert standard for the following sector: Collection, sorting and recovery of empty laser printer cartridges - production and distribution of remanufactured laser printer cartridges. At least 36 aspects of the production process and services are certified in conformity with this standard. The OWA sector is therefore the first and only one to be certified under this standard which is awarded by SGS, the global leader in inspection, checking, analysis and certification.


Dual certification: service and quality

The Qualicert standard for the collection, sorting and recovery of empty laser printer cartridges - production and distribution of remanufactured laser printer cartridges sector covers the environment, safety, the quality of products and includes 2 types of services:

- Services which are valued by consumers: the collection, sorting of cartridges, dismantling of materials for recycling, customer service and the provision of a materials audit.

- Services which guarantee the quality of remanufactured cartridges: organisational quality, quality checks, and staff training.

The standard therefore serves as a set of technical specifications for any organisation that wishes to have an ethical recycling process for laser printer cartridges.

The renewal of the certification is strong evidence of Armor Office Printing’s continuing wish to extend its commitments to providing quality services to its users and to recycle 100% of the cartridges collected” states Gerwald van der Gijp, Director of Armor Office Printing.

At least 36 aspects of the production process and Armor Office Printing services (distribution, collection, sorting, recovery, reconditioning and production) are certified by this standard, including :



A transparent approach undertaken with a third party

Since the launch of its OWA range of eco-friendly cartridges in 2015, Armor Office Printing has adopted a dedicated approach to the circular economy. This approach stems from Armor Office Printing’s ambition to achieve real and lasting transparency in its commitments thanks to certification by a third party.

Olivier Trifault, in charge of the audit at SGS, particularly notes “the availability, competence and involvement of the staff in the quality process, the real presence of a culture of safety, quality and responsibility towards the environment among the Armor Office Printing teams. The services implemented in recent years, like the Armor Connect portal for partners, or the collection portal, allow for better tracking, greater autonomy and better customer service.”

In general terms, the following were also noted: a collection service that is in tune with its market, efficient management of stock and special congratulations to the ESATCO Atlantique for the effectiveness of their monitoring. Armor has been working with the ESATCO Atlantique for several years to package OWA laser cartridges as well as to strengthen collection boxes.

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