New products in the Armor range of inkjet cartridges - June 2019

HP 303XL inkjet cartridge

Discover our new ARMOR products for our range of inkjet consumables

This month, launch of the HP 303 XL reference in black and color. Coming in July, new Brother (LC 3213) and Epson (34XL, 35XL, 202XL and 502XL) references!


Remanufactured inkjet range - LAUNCH JUNE 2019

ARMOR code OEM Brand  OEM reference Short Code  Color Capacity
B20756R1 HP N°303XL B T6N04AE BLACK 20ml 630p
B20757R1 HP N°303XL 3C T6N03AE 3 COULEURS 18ml 350p
B10501R1 HP N°303XL B & 3C 3YN10AE BLACK+3 COULEURS  



Newbuilt inkjet range - launch JULY 2019

ARMOR Code  OEM Brand OEM reference Short Code Color Capacity
B12718R1 BROTHER LC3213BK   Noir / Black 11ml 500p
B12719R1 BROTHER LC3213C   Cyan 6,6ml 500p
B12720R1 BROTHER LC3213M   Magenta 6,6ml 500p
B12721R1 BROTHER LC3213Y   Jaune / Yellow 6,6ml 500p
B12731R1 EPSON 34XL Bk Golf ball / Balle de golf black 22,4ml 1100p
B12732R1 EPSON 34XL C Golf ball / Balle de golf cyan 14ml 950p
B12733R1 EPSON 34XL M Golf ball / Balle de golf magenta 14ml 950p
B12734R1 EPSON 34XL Y Golf ball / Balle de golf yellow 14ml 950p
B10505R1 EPSON 34XL Bk
34XL C
34XL M
34XL Y
B12727R1 EPSON 35XL Bk Padlock / Cadenas black 50ml 2600p
B12728R1 EPSON 35XL C Padlock / Cadenas cyan 25,4ml 1900p
B12729R1 EPSON 35XL M Padlock / Cadenas magenta 25,4ml 1900p
B12730R1 EPSON 35XL Y Padlock / Cadenas yellow 25,4ml 1900p
B10506R1 EPSON 35XL Bk
35XL C
35XL M
35XL Y
B12722R1 EPSON 202XL Bk Kiwi black 20ml 550p
B12723R1 EPSON 202XL PB Kiwi photo black 11,2ml
B12724R1 EPSON 202XL C Kiwi cyan 11,2ml 650p
B12725R1 EPSON 202XL M Kiwi magenta 11,2ml 650p
B12726R1 EPSON 202XL Y Kiwi yellow 11,2ml 650p
B10507R1 EPSON 202XL Bk
202XL PB
202XL C
202XL M
202XL Y
B12735R1 EPSON 502XL Bk Binoculars / Jumelles black 13,2ml 550p
B12736R1 EPSON 502XL C Binoculars / Jumelles cyan 10,2ml 470p
B12737R1 EPSON 502XL M Binoculars / Jumelles magenta 10,2ml 470p
B12738R1 EPSON 502XL Y Binoculars / Jumelles yellow 10,2ml 470p
B10508R1 EPSON 502XL Bk
502XL C
502XL M
502XL Y


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