News Business Inkjet OWA range - Spring 2020


In an initiative to offer an alternative to all companies, OWA continues to expand its inkjet range and offers 16 new references for HP 981X/981Y/976Y/991X with ILM.

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Armor Code OEM Brand Color Capacity
K20786OW REM. FOR HP981X BK/6 Black 246ml - 15000p
K20787OW REM. FOR HP981X CY/6 Cyan 143ml - 13000p
K20788OW REM. FOR HP981X MA/6 Magenta 143ml - 13000p
K20789OW REM. FOR HP981X YE/6 Yellow 143ml - 13000p
K20790OW REM. FOR HP981Y BK/6 Black 436ml - 20000p
K20791OW REM. FOR HP981Y CY/6 Cyan 247ml - 16000p
K20792OW REM. FOR HP981Y MA/6 Magenta 247ml - 16000p
K20793OW REM. FOR HP981Y YE/6 Yellow 247ml - 16000p
K20794OW REM. FOR HP976Y BK/6 Black 436ml - 23000p
K20795OW REM. FOR HP976Y CY/6 Cyan 247ml - 17000p
K20796OW REM. FOR HP976Y MA/6 Magenta 247ml - 17000p
K20797OW REM. FOR HP976Y YE/6 Yellow 247ml - 17000p
K20798OW REM. FOR HP991X BK/6 Black 436ml - 20500p
K20799OW REM. FOR HP991X CY/6 Cyan 247ml - 17000p
K20800OW REM. FOR HP991X MA/6 Magenta 247ml - 17000p
K20801OW REM. FOR HP991X YE/6 Yellow 247ml - 17000p


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