The multi-brand choice: a simple solution to optimise the management of printing consumables


Did you know that it is possible to use the same toner cartridge in different brands of printers? Some manufacturers of remanufactured consumables may offer compatibility with multiple brands. This presents a real opportunity for companies or office supply resellers which manage cartridge supplies for different printers.


The power of the aftermarket

Certain machines from different manufacturers use a similar motor. The most well-known example of this is still Canon and HP which both launched a similar cartridge as different products. Just take a look at HP’s popular 12A and Canon’s 703, an old bestseller.

Nowadays, the development of universal chips allows the aftermarket to offer multiple solutions in one package. This results in multiple beneficial effects.


Achieve economies of scale with multi-brand consumables

When managing the printer consumables supply for multiple printer brands, you will generally need to purchase different cartridges resulting in high costs. With multi-brand consumables, you only need to buy one cartridge model. By increasing the quantity of this single model, you can achieve economies of scale and easily reduce your costs.


Simplify printing supply management

In addition to achieving economies of scale, the management of consumables is significantly easier. In fact, you can use cartridges initially intended for use in a specific printer for a different printer. This helps you to avoid overstocking many different products and to optimise your supply of consumables based on your needs.

Orders are also simplified since there is only one product to process.



Would you like to know more about multi-brand toner consumables? In the OWA remanufactured toner cartridge line, you can find more than 200 multi-brand products.One OWA product can even do the job of 34 different cartridge models.


Do not wait to simplify your management



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