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Find and order all consumables, spare parts and accessories for the printing market at Armor Print Solutions.


We have extended our range our field of activity and we are happy to present our new range of spare parts and accessories. With this new range, Armor Print Solutions is taking another step towards globalisation and positioning itself as the "one stop shop" for printing.


New range of accessories and spare parts

In addition to our range of remanufactured cartridges, we have extended our product portfolio to include numerous accessories and spare parts for printers on the European market. These parts will replace defective or broken parts, allowing customers to repair their printing equipment. This wide selection of branded accessories and spare parts from the top printer manufacturers (Epson, HP, Brother, etc.) includes cartridges, waste toner bottles, drums, maintenance kits, developers, etc. They are designed to work together and ensure optimal performance.


The one stop shop for printing

With the development of a new range, ARMOR Print Solutions is now positioning itself as the "one stop shop" on the printing services market - making it possible to meet all its customers' printing needs, from cartridges and accessories, to printing solutions and monitoring software. Customers are now able to centralise and streamline all their printing purchases with a single trusted supplier: ARMOR Print Solutions. The printing consumables specialist goes even further by offering numerous services to facilitate installation when certain parts or accessories require the intervention of a technician.


Promoting repairability

This new range is fully anchored in the guiding principles adopted by ARMOR, the group to which ARMOR Print Solutions belongs, which are geared towards contributing to the development of a more responsible company model. "The repairability of electronic products is a real challenge under the anti-waste law. This is why developing a comprehensive range of products and services by providing our expertise seems essential to encourage individuals and professionals to repair their faulty objects before making a new purchase" explains Gerwald van der Gijp, Managing Director of ARMOR Print Solutions. "There is an urgent need to review our linear model of consumption which is the source of many types of waste, and thus combat planned obsolescence” he concludes.


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