Creation of a European eco label for reuse

European ecolabel


Spain propose to UE the creation of a "reuse" ecolabel 


Spanish initiative

The Spanish government is proposing to the UE the creation of a new European ecolabel for "reuse" with the aim to promote circular economy actors within the scheme of ecolabels. Doing this, remanufactured cartridges could be the first product concerned by the new label.  

During the next meeting, the European Union Ecolabelling Board (EUEB) will consider the Spanish proposal. 


Cartridges first product concerned

Such a policy will favoured the development of the cartridge reutilization.

David Connett, the outgoing President of ETIRA, said that “a successful ecolabelling scheme could double the number of cartridges that are reused in the EU and help create more jobs, reduce the barriers to reuse, and significantly grow the European printer cartridge remanufacturing sector over the next five years.“

(Source : The recycler, the 14th of june 2019 :


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