Environmental and quality labels: OWA’s proven commitment !

The OWA brand is strongly committed to sustainable development initiatives. We offer remanufactured consumables, providing greener alternatives for your printing needs. Today, we are the only brand on the print market to have three eco-labels, proving the quality of our products and enabling you to reduce your ecological footprint.


What is an eco-label?

It is a sign of strong commitment, and your guarantee of an eco-friendly purchase.

Eco-labels are official means of recognition, certifying compliance with environmental standards. They guarantee strict requirements in terms of environmental impact. They provide a point of reference for users seeking to adopt more responsible approaches to consumption and reduce environmental impact compared to traditional market products. Eco-labels are issued by independent organisations.


Why choose products with eco-label certifications?

  • By purchasing a certified product you can be sure that the product is eco-friendly and reliable.
  • The label means that the product is manufactured under a verified production process.
  • Performance testing proves that the quality of the product is similar to that of a traditional market product.

There are a wide variety of eco-labels with different meanings. For our premium OWA brand, we have the following three eco-labels:


The OWA brand’s eco-labels

NF Environment:

The NF Environment standard is a voluntary certification symbol. It is a French eco-label. The NF-Environment symbol certifies products which have reduced environmental impact compared to similar products on the market.

As proof of our commitment, we undertake a new audit every xx years, in order to be certified once again, and since 2008 we have always successfully obtained this certification. We apply the same principle with Scandinavian and German standards.

Nordic Label:

The Nordic label is the official eco-label of Scandinavian countries, awarded to products which meet specific environmental protection criteria. The label attests to our eco-friendly production methods.

We have been certified since 2008.

Blue Angel:

Blue Angel, a German eco-label which indicates that the consumer product is certified and less harmful to the environment and consumer health. It certifies the entire product life cycle, using criteria which are revised approximately every 3-4 years. This requires constant innovation to ensure ever greater respect for the environment.

We have been certified since 2013.


Quality certifications

We are also Qualicert certified. Armor is the only market player to have this label. SGS Qualicert certification is based on the collection, sorting and recovery of empty laser print cartridges, and the production and distribution of remanufactured print cartridges. We care about the quality of our products at all levels. This label is formal proof the 100% of our products are recovered.

Do you want to use eco-friendly printing cartridges for your printing fleets?



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