23 - 11 - 2020

ARMOR Print Solutions launches DYALOG, a new brand for print fleet management


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ARMOR Print Solutions, the European print leader, launches DYALOG, the new brand for its Managed Print Services (MPS) business, providing companies with printing solutions and software designed to free IT teams from everyday management constraints.


Simplifying print management

Digital transformation is accelerating. Yet 30% of calls to IT support are still related to printing. "Even though printing levels are dropping, most of the same user needs remain, taking up both resources and time among IT teams. Today, printing still accounts for up to 3% of a company’s annual expenses,” explains Gerwald van der Gijp, VP & Managing Director of ARMOR Print Solutions.

By launching DYALOG, ARMOR is adapting to this new reality and offering companies a range of solutions and software that simplifies the management of consumables, printing control and administration by IT departments.


"DYALOG is the specialist brand for documents in the broadest sense, facilitating the work of IT teams. Like everyone else, we are seeing an avalanche of IT projects. However, teams are often engaged in worthless document-related tasks, or in projects that are too complex to accomplish. We help them simplify things, enabling them to free up time and resources," confirms Pierre Lefort, Manager of the Services business behind the DYALOG brand.


DYALOG: solutions & software

DYALOG offers companies a comprehensive range of innovative solutions and software to meet their everyday challenges. The aim is to enable teams to automate print-related processes, eliminating unnecessary infrastructure and print jobs, thereby improving information.

The solutions are split across three lines, each tailored to the size of the customer's company and their needs1:

- ACCESS solution (intended for small businesses)

- VALUE solution (dedicated to SMEs)

- MANAGE solution (a package designed for SMEs and mid-caps)

DYALOG also offers a software suite to help companies optimise their document processes and simplify their infrastructure

- MONITOR (dedicated to SMEs and specialist retailers)

- MONITOR 360 (complements Monitor software and is intended for SMEs and mid-caps)

- DIRECT (intended for mid-caps and large corporations)


"We collaborate and maintain a privileged relationship with technology publishers to provide the best software solutions on the market. With this software, companies enjoy multiple advantages: reduced IT spending, better data security, time and productivity savings, and

greater mobility. As well as facilitating printing fleet management, the contracts ensure lower corporate environmental impact by offering OWA remanufactured consumables and a control system which reduces waste,” concludes Gerwald van der Gijp.

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