Compatible print cartridges from facts to misconceptions we reveal all


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Compatible cartridges are counterfeit


New compatible cartridges are copies of original cartridges, however, they are legally authorised as long as the original patents are respected.

Armor Office Printing has been making remanufactured cartridges since 1991 and providing printing technology services since 1922.

We respect original manufacturers' patents in order to provide alternatives that respect regulations and the environment, all at a reduced cost for our customers.


Compatible cartridges wear faster  


 Compatible cartridges do not use more printing ink than OEM cartridges. A handy tip: before purchasing, you must compare the advertised yield values measured according to  ISO standards in order to compare prices, as compatible cartridges often offer a higher print capacity than original cartridges!

Example for ARMOR remanufactured Laser cartridges

If we take the OWA brand remanufactured compatible cartridge for BROTHER TN-3380, the capacity is 50% greater with our compatible cartridge (12,000 pages) compared to the original  cartridge (8,000 pages). With our JUMBO formats, we offer up to 150% more pages than OEM cartridges!


capacité impression 1


Example for ARMOR Inkjet cartridges

If we take the Armor brand compatible cartridge for the HP 301, available in standard and XL versions, the number of pages printed with the ARMOR cartridge is 730 pages compared to 480 pages for the original.


capacité impression 2


At Armor Office Printing, our cartridges are tested and certified to have a yield at least equal to original manufacturer products’. Thanks to ARMOR’s industrial expertise, our cartridges often have an even greater print capacity than the original consumables: the user will reduce costs on the purchase of OWA consumables and will also be able to print up to 3 times more in some cases.

For instance, with our high-yield “JUMBO” or “XL” cartridges versus cartridges offered in standard version by the original manufacturer, you can make additional savings thanks to an optimised cost per page of 15 to 50% compared to standard versions.

Ainsi, avec nos cartouches à haut rendement, format « JUMBO » ou « XL » versus des cartouches proposées en version standard par le fabricant d’origine, vous pouvez bénéficier d’économies supplémentaires grâce à un coût à la page optimisé de 15 à 50% en comparaison des versions standards.


Compatible cartridges void the printer warranty


There is no risk to your printer. These are accusations made by manufacturers.

They insinuate that compatible cartridges void the printer's warranty, but this is an unfair practice. Please be aware that the manufacturer cannot cancel its warranty because

you use compatible equipment: this is strictly prohibited, except if, and only if they are able to prove that, the compatible equipment is responsible for the malfunction.  

Armor Office Printing offers an additional guarantee on its compatible cartridges:

- Remanufactured laser cartridges are guaranteed for life

- All InkJet cartridges carry a 3-year warranty

In addition, Armor is making a greater commitment by replacing the manufacturer’s warranty in the event of printer failure!


Compatible cartridge ink dries faster 


In the case of all types of OEM and compatible cartridges, if you use your printer infrequently, the ink may dry out and the print heads may become clogged.


The ink in compatible cartridges is different


 Whether for laser or inkjet cartridges, the chemical formulation of the inks is different but their quality remains comparable to that of the original.

Armor Office Printing works with industrial ink experts (Artech and Armor Industrial Inks) to produce quality inks that comply with the regulations in force and meet ISO quality tests. Ink is stored for two years and subjected to ageing tests.

Take a look at this testimonial from one of our experts in this article on their experience and the future of the ink sector.


Compatible cartridges are of poorer quality ! 


Compatible cartridges are certified by very strict standards with ink of similar quality to original cartridges.

In 1992, Armor Office Printing opted for remanufacturing, offering remanufactured or reconditioned laser and inkjet cartridges in compliance with original and industry standards such as NF, Blue Angel, Nordic Ecolabel, ISO 19752 and ISO 19798, etc.

Today, we are the European leader in compatible consumables for printers.

The advantages of our compatible cartridges:

  • We are a French brand
  • Armor Group has been around for almost 100 years
  • We have customers who have followed us on our journey for 50 years
  • We provide an environmentally friendly approach
  • We offer additional guarantees on our cartridges
  • With our remanufactured cartridges, we offer a free collection service for used cartridges at your points of sale
  • With warehouses in France, Morocco, Poland and the United Kingdom, Armor Office Printing is able to deliver throughout Europe.
  • For retailers, we customise the packaging to fit your brand in our customisation workshop in France


Still not convinced?


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